Practices Notebook


Experience, Training



Young people with a low level of professional qualification (level I) go to their first work experiences through practices included in the training processes. It is important for them that these processes are as successful as possible in order to reach continuity in their work experiences beyond the professional practices included in the training activities. For this reason, it is necessary to provide tools (Practices notebook) that allow youngster to analyse their processes and be evaluated in an appropriate way.



The main objective of the notebook is to help the youngsters to organise all the information and activities planned and developed during their stay in companies, as well as to help tutors and trainers to develop the continuous monitoring of the work done by the youngster.



  • Clear knowledge of the learning acquired in the process and higher level of learning needs.
  • To contrast the self-evaluation of the process with the evaluation from more qualified staff.
  • Learning of terminologies and forms of control used in professional environments that are not usually used in training environments.



It is a document that includes the tasks or professional activities performed by the student weekly in his job and that must be signed by the instructor of the company.



To implement this tool it is necessary that the youngsters have acquired a minimum of training skills in the sector in which they are going to carry out the practices in company (type of work, tools and environment).


Monitoraggio e valutazione

It is an evaluative tool, but it is necessary to contrast it repeatedly with the business environment.


Pro e contro

a favor Positive elements (effectiveness)

  • It is useful for young people to acquire habits in relation to the world of work.
  • It provides an evaluation in a professional environment by someone related to it.

en contra Negative elements (criticalities)

  • It is difficult to generate a dynamic and optimal tool in the evaluation.
  • There is an important gap between the training sector and the business sector.



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