Kick Start II


A practical template for entrepreurial young jobseekers to create jobs for themselves by developing new income generating projects – which also showcase the experience/skills that impress mainstream employers.

  • under-qualified, low skilled young jobseekers are fatally disadvantaged in a competitive labour market – unless they take the initiative to shape their own future by seizing niche market opportunities to create income streams and new jobs for themselves

    • even for those young jobseekers who do not go on to create those own busiesses, the process of researching and testing niche markets will generate the confidence and skills necessary for conventional appointment

  • structured training will be offered/menored by volunteer coaches and experiecned local businesses in core skills such as market research, business planning, budgeting, marketing, social media and team working

  • Anticipated impacts will include

    • Transition to sustainable employment (whether entrepreneurial or employed)

    • Enhanced self-esteem

    • Measurable boost to local economy

Project niche concepts currently in research

  • CycloKent – creating a new regional sporting event for the whole community of enthusiasts (with the capacity to extend the template to other distinct geographical regions such as CycloYorks or CycloLancs)

  • Trolleybikes – generating advertising revenues by promoting local businesses via mobile posters specially modified bicycles


Area di intervento

United Kingdom


Key data rural district (Edenbridge)

Key data urban district (Sevenoaks)

Index: rural deprivation

Pop density/hectare




Unemployment 16-64




Education (GCSE 5 x A*)




Index multiple deprivation





3330 – 23.3% of all claimants in Kent (2.4% of all adults aged 18-24)

trending upwards since December 2015: 270 more unemployed young people


Descrizione dell'organizzazione

Friday People

UK charity – registered number 1144817


Dati di contatto

00 44 7740 854083


Data dello Stato



Stato di implementazione



Descrizione di stato

Start date mid 2016 subject to:

  • Market and revenue analysis by jobseekers’ research team
  • Additional seed funding


Tipo di intervento

Action-Research, Pilot Project, Training Course, Workplace Training


Altro tipo di intervento


Descrizione dell'intervento

Focused on

  • Entrepreneurial niche marketing designed to create new income streams in sport, community marketing and ‘Man Friday’ human resourcing
  • developing transferable skills amongst young jobseekers and a measurable improvement in wellbeing across the age range of all participants
  • tracking wellbeing as disengaged young jobseekers create their own futures



Target group (i)

  • Young jobseekers aged 18-24

Selection criteria

  • Three to six months unemployed

  • Failed to achieve satisfactory educational qualifications (ie 5 x GCSE grades A*-C)

  • Self-selecting through social media/peer group support

Target group (ii) – trolleybikes

  • Local businesses seeking to capture more customers

Selection criteria

  • Customer catchment area within 3 kilometres of town centre

Target group (II) – c

  • Cycling enthusiasts

  • families seeking healthy activities

Selection criteria

  • cycling enthusiast/membership cycling club

  • demonstrable interest in exercise



We follow a strategy of Positive Youth Development (PYD).

  • The intentional efforts of youth, adult, community, government agencies and schools to provide opportunities for young people to enhance their interests, skills, and abilities.
  • PYD differs from other approaches to youth in that it rejects an emphasis on trying to correct what is “wrong” with children’s behavior or development. Programs and practitioners seek to empathize with, educate, and engage children in productive activities.
  • Our PYD projects simultaneously capture the interest of young jobseekers and employers
  • give each jobseeker essential skills in team working, project management, budget control, marketing and fundraising (including developing advertising revenues for popular new festivals)
  • provide in depth CV development and video based training in interview techniques and effective personal presentation – lead by a consortium of local HR specialists


Componenti innovative

  • Challenge young jobseekers’ perception of themselves as ‘victims/helpless in the face of unemployment’
  • Actively change their perceptions through training in new skills and practical involvement in project development
  • positive visualization of the impact of their work
  • access on-demand to online peer mentors
  • reinforce commitment by ensuring that participants gain an immediate financial benefit from the commercial success of their projects
  • access to online peer mentors
  • personal mobile telephones to be used to record individual assessments of wellbeing




Volunteers acting as coaches and mentors

Business people offering access and working time

External specialist trainers (business planning and market research)


Gift in kind donations of IT equipment, software, venues, operating costs supported by direct purchase of consumables



£10000 – nominal estimates (euros 12700 – at 1.27 current euro exchange rate)

– to be identified following further market research



All expenditure is funded by voluntary donations and discretionary grants from charitable institutions whose objectives reflect those of Friday People



  • Operational:

  • Target Your Potential (local social enterprise)

  • Specialist advisors

    • Sports/cycling

    • Communications and marketing

  • Coaching/mentoring partners:

  • Drawn form the local business community



  • Transition into employment
  • Measurable improvement in wellbeing across all participants
  • Self-recorded qualitative assessment using mobile telephones and self-completion diaries (optional)


Valutazione & SWOT analysis

TBA as a post-project analysis

Current longer term risk analysis

  • Sustainability requires in-depth research and market analysis – with the risk that the extended time required to achieve effective results may exhaust young jobseekers’ expectations



Young jobseekers

  • Sustainable self-generated income streams fund employment outside current opportunities
  • Access to increased skills and full-time employment rebuild economic prospects and reduce dependency


Impatto e utilizzo dei risultati


Young job seekers

  • New jobs
  • Measureable development of the self-confidence and skills necessary to secure employment (or return to education)

Exploitation effective results

  • Develop cost benefit analysis based on concrete results to validate applications for seed funding for future projects
  • Successful entrepreneurs (young jobseekers) serve as role models and potential peer mentors to successive waves of trainees


Diffusione dei risultati e feedback pubblico

Planned dissemination during project

  • Social media broadcasts driven by young participants
  • Video posting via websites charity/partners
  • local business media (radio/press/chambers of commerce