Game Lab Workshop




This workshop/training activity is held on within Game Lab, an equipped area for introduction to digital entertainment: programming, game design, graphics and management.

The Game Lab has been created within the Phyrtual Innovation Gym, a gym for experiential learning and innovation practice through all of its possible expressions: civic, social and technological innovation. It’s an open space powered by youth for citizens and organisations, schools, enterprise and universities. It’s a meeting place for new and old professions and trades focusing on traditional and digital creation, experimentation and creativity to stimulate professional growth, self-enterprise and 21st century skills.


This workshop can be considered a good tool because it allows young people to be imaginative and creative, learn teamwork and develop their technical skills.

The main purpose of this training activity is to develop the participants’ ability to produce videogames with particular attention to two professional profiles: game designer and game programmer.


The participants acquire specific knowledge (programming language, game software development, basic visual design, etc) and digital skills to achieve new qualifications and to enter the job market.


The main activities of this workshop are:

– Analysis of styles and genres via games sessions

– Professional game development processes

– Introduction to main development software.
The track includes also methodologies and pre-production, prototyping and final product analysis techniques, as well as creative exercises.

Small groups will design and develop a game prototype via all the implementation phases.

Materials: computers and software to create a videogame


– Technical skills on how to develop a video game

– Good basic visual design and drawing skills

– Storytelling and narrative development skills

– Knowledge of the various games platforms and technologies

– Ability to manage training activities

Monitoraggio e valutazione

To evaluate this tool I consider these elements:

– N. of workshop

– N. of participants

– N. of videogames created

Pro e contro

a favor Positive elements (effectiveness)

– The degree of achievement of learning objectives

– Satisfaction level of participants

en contra Negative elements (criticalities)

– The workshop’s short duration might be a problem to consolidate the knowledge acquired


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