App Inventor: it’s never been so easy to create an app!




This training activity is held on within Coding Lab, an experiential environment where the activities are organized on the basis of participants’ age in order to learn the basics of programming in a fun and engaging way. The Coding Lab has been created within the Phyrtual Innovation Gym, a gym for experiential learning and innovation practice through all of its possible expressions: civic, social and technological innovation. It’s an open space powered by youth for citizens and organisations, schools, enterprise and universities. It’s a meeting place for new and old professions and trades focusing on traditional and digital creation, experimentation and creativity to stimulate professional growth, self-enterprise and 21st century skills.


This training activity can be considered a good tool because it allows young people to understand, in a fun way, computational programming, to develop logical thinking, to experiment problem solving, cooperative learning, peer education and peer tutoring.

The main purpose of this training activity is to develop participants’ ability to build an app and start becoming an app developer.


Through a path within the App Inventor development environment, participants become able to build their first App, acquiring specific knowledge, in particular programming language and how to design and develop an Android Mobile Application. These new digital skills are useful to enter the job market.


The activities of this workshop are:

1. Welcome and Introduction (15 minutes). Computational thinking and programming world will be introduced after a tutor and students’ presentation

2. Account creation and smartphone synchronization (15 minutes). It is recommended to install the app MIT AI2 Companion (available on google play) on the smartphone in order to test the Android Mobile Application that will be created.

3. Introduction to App Inventor (30 minutes). After a short presentation of App Inventor, it will be proceeded to create step by step an easy app in order to discover the development environment.

4. Building an App (1 hour). Free creation of an App on a defined theme using the principles learned in the previous modules. Students will be informed about the goal of the app.

5. App enhancement (30 minutes). New instructions with more functions and a more complex logic will be inserted in order to improve and personalize the new App.

Materials: computers, video projector, smartphones/tablets Android and App Inventor software


– Programming skills

– Technical skills on how to develop an Android Mobile Application

– Knowledge of App Inventor

– Ability to manage training activities

Monitoraggio e valutazione

To evaluate this tool it is possible to consider these elements:

– N. of training activities

– N. of participants

– N. of apps created

– Assessment questionnaire

Pro e contro

a favor Positive elements (effectiveness)

– The activity is easy to follow by everyone

– Participants can use right off knowledge and skills acquired

en contra Negative elements (criticalities)

– No time dedicated to the networking among participants


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