Vinalab – Centro de conocimientos en Vinaròs



  • To make life easier for citizens, achieving a more cohesive and caring society, generating and attracting human talent and creating a new economic system with high added value. SOCIAL FIELD.
  • To promote the development of R+D+i in the local/regional enterprises. ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

The application of ICT is considered a transversal factor offered by the center: in its infrastructure and knowledge as an element generator. ITC.


  • To develop R+D+i projects and actions for a strategic orientation of the town (intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth).
  • Fields: social innovation, entreprise and entrepreneurship, ICT


  • Business incubation. It seeks to alter the dominant corporate culture towars more cooperative and collaborative methods, as well as generate new business formulas oriented to fourth sector.
    •  Services:
      • Basic services, advanced support services, business acceleration (organisational and professional diagnosis, organisational fitness, etc.)
  • Coworking. It allows the generation of “microsystems” of different professionals, creating synergies and creative collaborations
    •  Services:
      • Professionals: basic services, special services (osmosis and cooperation)
      • Entrepreneurs: basic services, business acceleration (business plans, community participation and use of spaces.
  • Development activities for citizenship and for entreprises: courses, conferences, meetings.


  • Many activities developed in the center by both private and public entities, becaming as a regional space and make it known to the public.
  • Business incubator fully operational
  • High demand for use of the center.
  • A constant diffusion is done through social networks.
  • Improvements have been made on the website of Vinalab


Area of intervention

Spain. Vinaròs (Valencian Region).

  • Area: 95,5 Km2
  • Population: 28,337 inhabitants
  • Youth dependency: 23,4% (Valencian region: 23,2%)
  • Migrant population: 20,1%
  • Early school leaving: 23,4%
  • High population density
  • Unemployment rate: >20%


Organisation description

Ajuntament de Vinaròs (Municipality of Vinaròs)

Local administration


Contact data

0034 964 402 118


Status date




On going


Status description


Type of intervention

Transnational Initiative, Action-Research, School Project, Informative Campaign, Training Course, Workplace Training, Community Iniciative, Other


Other type of intervention

Knowledge Center: ICT use and development, Entrepreneurship (incubators and coworking), Participation, Social Innovation


Intervention description


Target group

  1. Citizenship. All community as a potencial user of the center services.
  2. Local/regional business and entrepreneurs with interest to develop R+D+i projects.
  3. Universities and/or other organisations’ research groups, departments or institutes interested in developing R+D+i projects in cooperation with other entities.



Collaborative methodologies: participation, quality and innovation

Communication: diffusion in social networks


Innovative components

The basic innovation components are:

  • To promote an expanded use of ICT among all citizens to reduce the digital gap and its effects on deepening inequalities.
  • To encourage the participation of entrepreneurs, economic organisations, public authorities and public and private institutions in developing innovative cities towards a new knowledge economy.





Administrative staff

ICT expert

Business/organisational expert



Maintenance material





Local public funds (Vinaròs municipality)



  • Municipality of Vinaròs
  • University Jaume I (Castellón)



Outputs are specified in the various courses and activities implemented in each policy area (see website), highlighting those related to social innovation (participatory strategies) or ICT (Connect to science)


Evaluation and swot analysis


  • Openness to society as a public center.
  • Good dissemination and communication strategy (web and social networks)
  • ICT , infrastructure and resourcesBalanced schedule of activities
  • Get synergies between public and private participation


  • Be a driver of innovation in the region and meeting point for social activities, entrepreneurship and business


  • Sustainability of the project for not getting create a strategic plan to provide stable development not linked cyclical changes



Municipality own funds.

Funds raised through grants.


Impact and exploitation of the results



Regional impact:

  • Social, business and entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration with University

Transnational impact:

  • European projects


At regional level:

  • Vinalab is used for citizens, businesses and entrepreneurs of the region.
  • Vinalab is involved with Universities

At transnational level:

  • Develop European projects


Dissemination of results and public feedback


Social media/networks: LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Twitter y Facebook.