Gámesis. Videogames forum.


GAMESIS is a meeting point to meet the different professionals and profiles that work in the development of videogames, exploring new employment opportunities in this industry, especially for young people.


  • Promote entrepreneurship in the videogame industry.

  • Approach the professional world (videogame industry) to young people and students.

  • Awaken vocation in this technological field.

  • Meet the possibilities that this field can offer to contribute to the social area: active aging, helping the different social groups, creating biomedical scenarios and communicating social values through learning formulas.


  • Annual meetings about videogames.

  • Currently, the fourth edition is being celebrated.

2016 Programme (14/10/2016. Vinalab, Ajuntament de Vinaròs)


Reception of participants



Presentation of day’s session

Ajuntament de Vinaròs I VINALAB



Videojuegos, no solo un hobbie” (Videogames are not just a hobby)

Marco Domingo Navarro.

Catness. Game developer studio.

Following his example, the conference will focus on how a person that only plays videogames can become a developer and make a living out of it.


Preguntadme dudas sobre la industria”. (Ask me questions about the industry)

Daniel Segarra Flor.

C.E.O. en Lollipop Robot. Game Testing and QA

From the experience of Daniel’s career, the students and/or entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to solve the doubts they may have on the videogame industry.


Coffee Break

Ayuntamiento de Vinaròs and VINALAB, press conference.



Cómo se realizan los proyectos de videojuegos en ESAT”. (How the videogame projects are done in ESAT)

Gustavo Aranda. Head of the degree on Videogame programming,

ESAT (Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología. Valencia)



WORKSHOP. “Creación de videojuegos sin programar”. (Creating a videogame without programming)

Miguel Chover. Professor. Associate director of the Degree in Design and Videogame Development

Universitat Jaume I.



Speakers’ Corner: Presentación de proyectos de estudiantes del Grado de Diseño y Desarrollo de Videojuegos. (Presentation of student’s projects of the Degree in Design and Videogame Development)

Universitat Jaume I



Area of intervention


Vinaròs (Valencian Region);

– Area: 95,5 Km2

– Population: 28,337 inhabitants

– Youth dependency: 23,4% (Valencian region: 23,2%)

– Migrant population: 20,1%

– Early school leaving: 23,4%

– High population density

– Unemployment rate: >20%

– Estimación del increment de la facturación del sector de los videojuegos (2016): 620millones de €; 2017: 723 millones de €. (Fuente: Libro Blanco del Desarrollo Español de Videojuegos (DEV, 2014)


Organisation description

Ajuntament de Vinaròs (Municipality of Vinaròs)

Local administration


Contact data

0034 964 402 118


Status date




On going


Status description

1st edition: 2013

Currently, 4th edition.


Type of intervention



Other type of intervention

Forum about videogames


Intervention description


Target group

  1. Young people with entrepreneurship spirit in the area of videogames.
  2. Students of related matters (IT, videogame creation, etc.).
  3. High school students.



Promoting a space where students, professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners of the game industry can connect.

Combining conferences with workshops and speaker’s corners, where student’s projects and practical sessions about solving doubts on the videogame industry can be presented.


Innovative components

  • Connect students, professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners of the game industry.
  • Synergies with the social field.




Administrative and technical staff from VINALAB.

Speakers of renewed prestige.


Rooms, equipment, etc.





Ayuntamiento de Vinaròs’ (Municipality of Vinaròs) own funds.



  • Ajuntament de Vinaròs
  • Universitat Jaume I (Castelló)
  • ESAT (Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología).
  • Companies (Catness, Lollipop Robot, etc.)



4 editions have been developed with a high success of participation.

2016 Edition (videos of the streaming recording) in


Evaluation and swot analysis



Ayuntamiento de Vinaròs’ own funds.

Partners’ selfless collaboration.


Impact and exploitation of the results


Dissemination of results and public feedback



Social media/networks: LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Facebook.