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Since 2012 we work closely with a large multinational company (Gerdau) that has a production plant in our city.

They have a volunteer project linked to the city as part of their corporate social responsibility area. Since 2012 Fundación Adsis collaborative project is chosen by their volunteers.


The overall objective of this project is to support the training that takes place at the Centre for Professional Initiation Gasteiz. The specific objectives are: and more specific objectives:

  • To know the the center and participate in actions to complete the training of young people.
  • To approach of youngsters from Fundación Adsis to the company.
  • To increase training in occupational safety and health, as well as increase the resources at our disposal.

The collaboration agreement is very ambitious. On the one hand seeks that volunteers from Gerdau bring their knowledge, attitudes, skills and aptitudes; on the other, it seeks to value Fundación Adsis young people. As the relationship grows, the opinion initially less favorable of volunteers and company about the possibilities of these young people, improves.


Specially addressed to students of welder training.

  • Visit to company facilities focused in two main aspects, security and characteristics of a good worker.
  • Training by Gerdau volunteers in health and safety with all youngster of the centre, analysing the specific risks in their workplace.
  • Job interviews with HR managers in the company and feedback by managers to youngsters.
  • 5 S Training to centre educators by Gerdau.
  • Participation in the on-the-job training project of Fundación Adsis.
  • Financial contribution to invest in security and health for the training centre.

Fundación Adsis implements a motivational session for Gerdau volunteers about the characteristics of youngsters and the importance of a second educational opportunity.


Area of intervention

Spain; Vitoria-Gasteiz

Population (inhabitants): 242.922

% foreign people: 9,1%

% early school leaving: 9,6%


Organisation description

Fundación Adsis

Complete Address: C/Peñascales 14, local izquierdo. 28028 Madrid


Twitter: @FundacionAdsis


Formation Date of Organization:

The Adsis Foundation was created April 16, 1996, according to the law 30/1994.

Description of the Organization:


Our mission is to construct a fairer and unified society by means of integral promotion of impoverished and marginalized individuals and groups. We wish to carry out this work through the development processes of both the individual and collective groups, which is based on close relationships, solidarity, and efficient service.

We would like to propose involvement with the youth, and put into action, together with other individuals and organizations, social action, and education programmes, and development cooperation.

Vision: The Adsis Foundation is an organization that has deepened and fulfilled the development of their mission, being distinguished for their work with the youth and has put into action partnerships of people with high standards of performance. In that affect, lead actors have joined Adsis, and have helped Adsis revise and improve the Foundation’s projects, to generate a major social impact, and strengthen the application of the Foundation’s social center, especially the involvement of volunteers.

Other data:

– 30 centers at State level

– Present in 12 Spanish provinces.

– 22.662 young people attended in 2014.

– 220 employees

– 750 volunteers

– 50 trainers

– 550 partner-collaborators


Contact data

00 34 945 229 944


Status date




On going


Status description

Project started in 2012


Type of intervention

Community Iniciative


Other type of intervention


Intervention description


Target group

How were the members of the group selected?

All youngsters and educators from Centre for Professional Initiation Gasteiz. Particularly, youngsters in walder training (metal is the industrial sector of the company).



  • Group visits to companies
  • Individual simulated job interviews in real environment.
  • Group training


Innovative components

For us it is very rich and innovative to have a large company in which our young people are welcome and recognised. We particularly appreciate the novelty for our youth to rehearse a job interview in a real environment.

For youngsters is very surprising that volunteers dedicate their time and effort and that allows us to work with them different values.




Educators from Fundación Adsis.

Volunteers from Gerdau, with a stable group along the 5 years and and timely involvement of other company employees.


Health and safety material

Management systems material



5.000 €



The program itself does not need financing, contributions are Gerdau workers in its corporate work.




Gerdau is a steel multinational company based in Brazil with different production plants around the world.



Gerdau annual reports.

Fundación Adsis annual reports and quarterly newsletter.


Evaluation and swot analysis

– Strengths:

The duration in time

Knowledge and recognition between the two partners.

– Weakness:

Every year we ask participate in the program, so we are exposed to not be elected.

– Opportunities

To meet young people with fewer opportunities in a positive way in a work environment.

To transfer this collaboration to other companies in the municipality and increase the youngsters participating.

– Threats

Not be elected for collaboration



At present owners of Gerdau have changed, so Fundación Adsis is awaiting the new position about the collaboration.


Impact and exploitation of the results


Quarterly newsletter

Center newsletter


Dissemination of results and public feedback


Quarterly newsletter

Center newsletter